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About Dental Care

About Dental Care (Smile Up)

Smile Up Dental Care will strive to provide the high quality of clinic that you expect. We use the latest dental technology, equipped with the advanced tools and capacity to offer the excellent dental care. The first step toward complete oral health is thorough dental examination and diagnosis. We want our patients to make informed choices by fully understanding any problems. The doctor will review your dental needs with you at this appointment or at the second appointment to provide treatment consultation.

Each dental plan we create is completely customized to each patient.Whether you are looking for a family dentist, are seeking whiter teeth, or need emergency dental care, our dentist and staff work with you to make sure you get the proper dental care. We provide a wide range of options from simple cleanings to complete reconstruction. Our dentist and staff have additional credentials to perform dentistry beyond the average dentist and take pride in their ongoing education.

Our dentists understand the importance of preventive, routine, and early stage care. According to WHO recommendations we recommend every six months. During these dental check ups, we can diagnose and treat minor and moderate dental problems before they become severe. For more complex cases, we have a range of specialists who work together on site. So, you won’t have to travel to another facility for treatment.

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