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CBCT 3D Digital Imaging

Nowadays in advanced modern dentistry, patients have access to treatment they might not have dreamed of just a few decades ago. Life like dental implants, cosmetic reconstruction, orthognathic surgery and advanced surgical procedures allow patients to maintain optimaloral health and achieve the smile of their dreams. One technological tool that has given dentists access to higher quality image is the three dimensional cone bean computed tomography CBCT 3D Digital Imaging scanner.

In comparison with traditional dental X ray, CBCT scans provide realistic 3D images that capture soft and bony tissues and help the dentist to plot the exact location in the jaw at which the dental implant will be inserted, for example. To offer our patients to advantages of the best technology available, Smile Up Dental Clinic (Yangon, Myanmar) installed a latest model CBCT scanner, OP3D Pro Kavo. It can be used to take panoramic view of the jaw or cephalometric pictures of the entire skull. To learn how CBCT scan can be used in planning your treatment for improve outcomes, contact our dental clinic to for an overview of the technology and capabilities.

CBCT 3D Digital Imaging

Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT 3D Digital Imaging)

Cone beam computed tomography is a medical imaging technique consisting of X-ray computed tomography where the X-rays are divergent, forming a cone.

CBCT has become increasingly important in treatment planning and diagnosis in implant dentistry, ENT, orthopedics, and interventional radiology (IR), among other things. Perhaps because of the increased access to such technology, CBCT scanners are now finding many uses in dentistry, such as in the fields of oral surgery, endodontics and orthodontics. Integrated CBCT is also an important tool for patient positioning and verification in image-guided radiation therapy (IGRT).

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