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Cleaning & Dental Check Up

Tartar, tooth decay, gum diseases and other issues can easily develop and go unnoticed, even if you brush and floss everyday. Cleaning & Dental Check Up can eliminate tartar and allow your dentist to catch issues in the earliest stages. Smile Up Dental Clinic have special package which includes 1 Panoramic X ray, Cleaning & Dental Check Up of all teeth.

Cleaning and Dental Check Up

You may assume you should have a dental check-up every 6 months, but some people may not need to go so often and others may need more frequent checks. Your dentist will suggest when you should have your next check-up based on how good your oral health is. The time between check-ups can vary from 3 months to 2 years, depending on how healthy your teeth and gums are and your risk of future problems. A check-up allows your dentist to see if you have any dental problems and helps you keep your mouth healthy. Leaving problems untreated could make them more difficult to treat in the future, so it's best to deal with problems early, or, if possible, prevent them altogether. Generally, the lower your risk of dental problems, the longer you can wait before your next check-up. So people with good oral health will probably need to attend only once every 12 to 24 months, but those with more problems will need check-ups more often.


Cleaning & Dental Check Up

This advice is about routine check-ups only. You may have other appointments for dental treatments such as fillings, teeth cleaning (scale and polish), having a tooth taken out or emergency treatment. If you have problems with your teeth between check-ups, contact your dental surgery to make an earlier appointment. In an emergency outside normal working hours, contact your surgery on its usual number and you will be told how to access emergency dental care. How to see a dentist in an emergency or out of hours Cleaning & Dental Check Up.

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