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Invisalign Treatment

Invisalign Treatment is the another option of orthodontic treatment for patients who doesn’t want to wear braces. If is custom-made for each individual and uses a series of invisible, removable aligners that steadily move your teeth to the desired position. Smile Up Dental Clinic is the only one Invisalign Gold 2 provider clinic in Yangon, Myanmar, treating over 80 invisalign cases just within 2 years.

Invisalign Treatment

What is Invisalign Treatment?

Invisalign treatment is the process of wearing a series of clear, removable aligners that gradually straighten your teeth. No brackets and wires, and none of the restrictions that come with metal braces.

What are Invisalign clear aligners made of and what do they look like?

Invisalign clear aligners are made of flexible plastic — specifically, a patented thermoplastic material called SmartTrack created exclusively for Invisalign treatment.

Invisalign clear aligners are FDA-approved and contain no BPA, BPS, latex, or gluten. They are thin, clear, and fit snugly over your teeth, making them virtually invisible.

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