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Dental Care Services

Many people have crowded or crooked teeth, some have abnormal development of teeth and jaw and this can affect the shape of the face.

Invisalign Treatment is the another option of orthodontic treatment for patients who doesn’t want to wear braces. If is custom-made for each individual and uses a series of invisible, removable aligners that steadily move your teeth to the desired position.

For anyone who loses an adult tooth or several teeth, dental implant can be the solution to provide a functional and aesthetically pleasing tooth.

Dental veneer fall into the category of aesthetic dentistry. They help makeover smiles with beautifully aligned, shapely teeth. Veneer that is cemented over the labial surfaces of your teeth to correct dental issues such as worn tooth enamel, tooth alignment, spacing, teeth discoloration, chips or crack etc.

Nowadays in advanced modern dentistry, patients have access to treatment they might not have dreamed of just a few decades ago.
Sometimes having straight, healthy teeth is not enough. People who have gum tissue that extend too far down have what is called a “gummy” smile.
As our motto, “A smile can change everything” .Enhancing your smile canchange your entire appearance.
At Smile Up Dental Clinic, Yangon, Myanmar, we believe that a beautiful smile can brighten child’s life and strong teeth and gum are essential to your child’s overall good health.
Smile Up Dental Clinic, Yangon, Myanmar performs custom full mouth reconstruction using advance technology and treatments.
Wisdom teeth can become impacted causing immediate pain and future oral health concerns.
Impaction, crowding(for orthodontic reason), or trauma may take it necessary to extract a tooth in order to restore your smile.
Root canal treatment is performed to repair and save a tooth that is badly decayed or has become infected.
Tartar, tooth decay, gum diseases and other issues can easily develop and go unnoticed, even if you brush and floss everyday.
Dental bridge can immediately improve your quality of life and this will prevent surrounding teeth from shifting. Dental bridge can replace one to three consecutive teeth in a single treatment.
Carious cavity can impact the look of your smile and function of affected teeth which can lead
Dental crown is the another way to restoring your teeth, giving the strength and natural appearance so that you can eat, speak and smile without feeling
Teeth stain and discoloration can be embarrassing, causing many of us to avoid smiling altogether.
Denture Treatment replace several missing teeth or entire dental arch, restoring not only the function but also the appearance of your smile.