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Full Mouth Reconstruction

Smile Up Dental Clinic, Yangon, Myanmar performs custom full mouth reconstruction using advance technology and treatments. Your full mouth reconstruction begins with careful planning to identify your needs and determine what restorative treatments and procedures will most efficiently and effectively restore your smile.

An entirely customizable treatment, full mouth reconstruction can address multiple area of your smile to restore its functional and structural integrity.

Full Mouth Reconstruction

Full mouth rehabilitation, also known as is a process of restoring one’s mouth with severely compromised teeth, gums, and missing teeth. The goal of the reconstruction is to return full function to the mouth, being able to eat well. And of course, dentistry is always about giving patients a beautiful smile. A smile is what everyone notices first. Whether it is a209 NYC delivers full rehabilitation or a smile makeover, our goal is always to finish with a beautiful smile or a "Celebrity Smile". It is important to choose a dentist or dental practice that you can trust with extensive knowledge and experience in implantology, periodontics,  cosmetic and restorative dentistry.  These disciplines must be integrated and coordinated. Always ask to see full mouth reconstruction before and after photos. They are a good guide of what to expect from your treatment. Full mouth rehab is an extensive treatment. Having modern technology is a benefit that you will appreciate. As discussed below, having proper diagnostic equipment is crucial for accurate diagnosis.  Yucky old school impressions may be something that is hard to stomach for you. 3D scanners are a modern alternative that eliminates the need for impressions. They are fast, precise &  easy to tolerate. Read full mouth reconstruction reviews from previous NYC patients. They will provide an improvement to the health of your mouth. All dental problems will be eliminated as part of either treatment. Both may require the engagement of multi-specialty dentists. However, the goal of a smile makeover is to gain an aesthetically pleasing smile. Full mouth reconstruction is restorative dentistry that is necessary for dental and overall health.

Full Mouth reconstruction options for missing teeth

Full Mouth reconstruction

The treatment options vary based on the number of missing teeth needing replacement. Below we will give a quick overview of each option; you can find detail explanation for each procedure on the designated service pages.

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